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Bill Payne 2014 OAB Hall of Fame



OAB Hall of Fame 2014

Bill Payne

The Complete Broadcaster

Air Talent    Engineer    Sales Manager    Owner    Complete Broadcaster

Since 1951       Since 1959            Since 1962            Since 1962               Entire Career          

The OAB Hall of Fame is honored to induct Bill Payne on Friday, March 28th, at the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City. Bill is the COMPLETE BROADCASTER with over 60 years in the business who still has the same enthusiasm for radio he had at his first job at KWHP in Cushing Oklahoma. Bill is an FM pioneer who currently owns nine stations, all in Oklahoma. His fascination with the Magic of Radio started as a child and even today he still broadcasts his daily “Farm and Inspirational Hour” on KTFX FM in Muskogee.

Bill’s unique path to ownership was built on being the complete broadcaster. He is a seasoned programmer, a very capable engineer, a savvy salesman and therefore an impressive owner. In an age of specialists, Bill Payne can do it all and do it successfully and with great integrity.

Please join us along with Bill’s wife Gail, his three daughters Anne, Kelly, and Haydon, and his son Will in celebrating Bill Payne’s amazing career. He is Oklahoma Born and Bred, an Icon in Oklahoma broadcasting, and we sure are proud to have him in our Hall of Fame.

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