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Bill Payne 2011 Country Music DJ Hall Of Fame

The Country Radio Hall of Fame was established by Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc (CRB) in 1975.  CRB is the non-profit organization in Nashville that hosts the annual Country Radio Seminar.  Typically, only two or three individuals in all of country radio are invited into the Hall of Fame each year.  Induction is awarded for contributions to the growth and development of country radio; community involvement and longevity; and contributions to the preservation and enhancement of country music as an art form.  Bill’s induction ceremony will be held March 1, 2011 at the Nashville Convention Center. It is a prestigious $110 a plate dinner affair honoring only the nation’s most deserving country radio broadcasters. 

·         Bill Payne Started as a DJ in 1951, spinning records on Bill’s Record Shop playing Hank Williams, Jim Reeves, Red Foley and all the favorites. As “Hillbilly Willie,” he would pick the best of “Hillbilly Music on KWHP” and showcase it on his program.

  • ·         In the early 60’s, he worked for the legendary KOMA as “Jerry Payne” on the Jerry Go Round. He received cards and letters from every state in the union.
  • ·         In 1962, he became a pioneer of FM broadcasting as one of only three FM station owner/operators in Oklahoma.  When you get a chance, ask him about "How to build a Radio Station In Your Garage and Live to Tell about it.” He started KWHP in the garage of his home. From his first experience as an announcer at twelve years old, he built on his radio experience to a six-station radio group serving a potential one and one half million people.
  • ·         In 1977, he purchased radio station KKUL 103.3 in Tulsa, a 100,000 watt station.
  • ·         In 1980, Bill changed KTFX to a country music format.
  • ·         From 1980 to 1995 Bill was the morning air personality on KTFX.
  • ·         When KTFX sold in 1995, he brought back traditional country to Tulsa with KTFX 102.3 in Sand Springs, OK.
  • ·         In 1997, KTFX 102.3 was sold.
  • ·         Today, he owns and operates six country music stations in eastern Oklahoma, including country music stations in Tahlequah Eufaula, Warner/Muskogee, Hugo and Antlers.
  • ·         He hosts a daily Farm and Inspirational Hour on Okie Country 101.7 in Muskogee.
  • ·         As a Pioneer in FM country radio ownership in Oklahoma, he has served on the RAB Small Market Advisory Committee and for twelve and one half years served as the Executive Director of the International Broadcasters Idea Bank,  a group of one hundred broadcasters in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


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