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  • Full Name:Darren Minor
  • Phone:5803262555 
  • Email:theradiovoice2020@gmail.com 
  • Website:www.KDOE1023.com
  • Address:103 W Main Antlers, OK 74523 

Hello There!

Mr. KDOE is what you might call “a lifer”. He decided at the age of 9 that he wanted to work on the radio, and for more than four decades has done just that. Over that many years, he has worked with great charity organizations from Special Olympics to St. Jude and The American Cancer Society. A native Oklahoman, from the “oldest town in the state” Fort Gibson, he enjoys being with his wife and two daughters and the other love of his life, his vinyl collection. He is a big sports fan, cheering on his OSU Cowboys, St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Dolphins.


My Services

Web Audio

Need audio for a web project? Custim audio for your website, social medi, birthday wish. Get creative!        


Whats your brand? Need more exposure? Daily brand developement from the top influencer in town.


Once yo determin the brand,whats are the results? Follow up analytics to track your branding progress.                  

Web Development

We value our voice over the radio and use it to boost our web development. Let us show you how it works for you.   

Web Marketing

Websites,graphic design, audio. WebTV commercials, SEO, banner placement. All   l just the begining of what we can do for you. 


Have a question? No problem, contact us below.       

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