Payne Media Group is proud to introduce the latest station. ESPN Paris, TX 105.1 "We were looking for a marquee brand to bring to Paris, TX." Lisa D. knocked this one out of the park, we are proud to be the first to bring FM, HD, and now the first all sports station to Paris, Texas" ESPN Paris 105.1 joins power house KITX K95.5, My Rock 96.5 KDOE 102.3, 995 the Dove, HD 94.7 Listen for the sports reports Will Payne, Barry Diamond, and Julie Stevens.

ESPN Radio is an American sports radio network. It was launched on January 1, 1992. ESPN radio is headquarters is in Bristol, Connecticut, the network airs a regular schedule of daily and weekly programming as well as live coverage of sports events including Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, National Basketball Association, Army Black Knights football, College Football Playoff, Championship Week, and UEFA Champions League games.


Why Radio Advertising Works

  • Radio can reach on-the-go consumers!
  • Radio allows you to establish a special relationship with consumers.
  • Radio can cost-effectively break through the lines of media bombardment.
  • Radio’s on-location remote broadcasts are both powerful and profitable.
  • Radio’s unique, specialized formats allow you to target your best prospects.
  • Radio reaches prospects closest to the point of purchase.
  • Radio can bridge the gaps left by other media options.
  • Radio provides unique specialized on-air promotions.
  • Radio is king for establishing top-of-mind-awareness.
  • Radio can influence new markets and prospects.
  • Radio can complement other advertising platforms.
  • Radio’s listenership remains strong, while time spent with other media declines.



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