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What We Do

This is all about the content, Live, Local, Talk, Sports, and it's on demand. We take what's on and off the air and package it up for you to go, anywhere.... anytime. What in on the conversation, sure start your podcast today. We have the state of the art facilities, know how, so don't re-invent the wheel. Let us take care of the technical stuff, and you do you! Contact us for details. As for who we are check out. Payne Media Group.


With a plug and play built in audience reaching over 250,000 persons weekly throughout Eastern Oklahoma and Northeast Texas. Your content is instantly recognizable and at the forefront of highly engaged community.             

Fast Support

We are local, so we can walk you through the process and with numerous studios we are always nearby to record, produce, and publish your content within minutes.       


Our creative staff will guide you through the do's and dont's of creating great content,  this allows you to put your finger prints all over it.           


You got peeps! Need a studio for more than one? No problem, We have studios that are large enough to hold up to six or more. Plus bring in guest via, phone, skype, zoo.. We are connected.              

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