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Here are some tips for driving in inclement weather:
-- If driving a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, place added weight over the rear power wheels to improve traction. Cinder blocks, bricks and bags of sand work well for this.

-- Be sure to have emergency equipment in your vehicle just in case. Pack a snow brush, ice scraper, paper towels (for cleaning off headlights and windshields), warm clothing, a first aid kit, simple tools, a good working flashlight, extra gloves, a pair of jumper cables, a bright red or orange cloth to tie to your vehicle antennae in case you become stranded, a fully-charged cellular telephone, and a blanket.

-- Expect the unexpected. As the temperature falls, bridges, overpasses and roadways will become icy. Many already are. Dont be lulled into a false sense of security thinking you will be able to stop quickly that good ol feel of the road may suddenly vanish, throwing you into a dangerous skid.

-- Drive at speeds to match conditions take it easy. Its not a race. Even a four-wheel-drive vehicle can and will spinout on ice and snow. Clear all windows and lights of ice and snow.
-- Accelerate slowly, allow lots of room between you and the vehicle in front, and try to anticipate traffic flows well ahead of you. Figure out which lane youd like to be in early on.

-- Once underway, keep going. When approaching a hill, observe how other vehicles are reacting and time your speed so that you will not have to stop on a steep incline.

-- Skids are caused to sudden stops, sudden acceleration and sudden steering movements. Take it slow and easy. Begin slowing much sooner than you would on dry pavement.

-- If you do skid, dont panic. Let up on the accelerator or brake and steer the vehicle in the direction you want to go.

-- Keep tires properly inflated and your gas tank full.

And don't forget to buckle up!


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Pssst......... Before you go, have you checked the weather?