K95.5's Van Man! Making good on his promise...

Van Man in Idabel on Wednesday 9-15-99. K95.5's Will and Jason lost a bet on Friday night. Idabel beat Hugo 34 to 6. Now it was time for Jason to pay up on their bet. Now see Jason in his Speedo in Idabel. The townspeople are still recovering. K95.5 is not responsible for any accidents that may have occured. Jason was not acting as an employee of K95.5 while in Idabel. Caution you may wish to shield young eyes, faint at heart, or persons with a weak stomach. Eye protection is suggested!

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Momma is proud!!!

Van Man making a guest appearance at Bunch's in Idabel. free fruit?

Hi Ma'am, what do you think?


Hey Beavis, Where's Butthead?

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