K95.5's Bill Payne live from Monserrat

President of K95.5 Inc. and Correspondent Bill Payne recently was on the Island of Montserrart in the British West Indies doing an update report on the volcano which caused mass evacuation of the island in 1996. The last major volcano ash was on July 20, 1999. Payne visited with the volcano scientists last Friday and they indicated they felt the volcano was quieting. Some of the islands population has begun returning and massive clean-up and re-building is occurring. You can see three pictures on the K95.5 web-site of the volcano and the pyroclastic flow that buried most of the entire city of Plymouth and caused massive mud slides throughout the island.

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This is a before and after picture of the War Memorial after volcanic activities.

This is a picture of the glowing dome of Montserrat Southern Hills volcano, January 1997.

Click here to find out more about the volcanoe

Click here to find out more about the volcanoe

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