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11-30-99 Would you like $20,000? School paid for? Maybe the Army is for you. Find out now! Click here. Go Army

11-24-99 A real live 30 point Buck, (well it's dead now) but, you must read this story of a man who snagged a 30 point buck 30 Point Buck!!!

11-22-99 Space the final Frontier. This site is a cross between real life NASA stuff and X-Files Area 51 pseudo-fiction. Space!!!

11-18-99 New breed of PCs debuts at Comdex Web companions seen as less intimidating; cell phones to go online for directions 11/18/99 By Alan Goldstein / The Dallas Morning News LAS VEGAS - At the Comdex/Fall trade show this week, much of the buzz has been about devices that go "beyond the PC." The new breed is intended for people who may be curious about using the Internet for electronic mail and shopping, but so far have been intimidated by full-blown personal computers. While about half the homes in the United States have a PC, industry executives generally believe that machines in their current form will never be as ubiquitous as televisions or telephones because they are too complicated. In his keynote speech, Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates unveiled an Internet access device called a Web companion, which will have several manufacturers. The devices use the company's stripped-down operating system, Windows CE, and are set up to connect instantly with Microsoft's Internet service, MSN. The machines are designed to be lightweight and streamlined, featuring instant power-on and controls that are easy to find on the keyboard. Microsoft said the devices represent an inexpensive way to have easy access to the Internet and MSN services from different rooms of the house, including the kitchen, where it could be useful for looking up recipes. "This really is significant," said Timothy Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies Inc., a market research firm in Campbell, Calif. "These devices will have an impressive impact on the market." Manufacturers of the machines, which will be co-branded with Microsoft, include Acer Inc., Philips Electronics, Thomson Multimedia and Vestel USA, all of which expect to have prototype models ready by year-end. Vestel plans three models, including an all-in-one unit with a 15-inch monitor that is about the size of an Apple iMac. Another model will have flat-panel display. The third is the wireless WebPad, a design that can be toted around the house. Microsoft said pricing will vary depending on the device, with specifics to be announced later; the company said the goal is to deliver a low-cost device to consumers. Mr. Bajarin said prices will typically be less than $500.

11-17-99 Ever wonder who is responsible for the bad wheel on a shopping cart? Find out who on the Top 10 Shopping cart abusers list. Get involved in Carts across America! Visit the center for Shopping Cart Abuse at The center for shopping cart abuse

11-16-99 Looking for answers on what to do with your 0 to 6 year old? Try Parenting.com!

11-15-99 NEW YORK (AP) As if Bill Gates didn't have enough reasons to lose sleep, here comes another: a sudden slew of home gadgets that offer a simple, inexpensive alternative to Windows computers for exchanging e-mail and surfing the Net. Forget Microsoft Corp.'s bruises from its antitrust fight in Washington. The rise of these non-Windows products for the home ranging from a $99 e-mail device that plugs into a regular phone jack to a touch-sensitive screen for Web navigation could pose a more immediate threat to Microsoft's lock on home computing than any legal action. The trend will be abundantly evident at the giant weeklong Comdex technology show that starts on Sunday in Las Vegas, where 200,000 people are expected to converge on 2,100 exhibits. While in previous years manufacturers just tested the waters with products that never made it to market, non-PC devices finally are finding their way into people's homes.

11-12-99 Just say Cheese! No we are notalking about Will and Jason in the morning! This is the internets Cheese information resource. Index, information, bbs, links, and search cheese database.

11-11-99 Compaq Making Sleek, Cheap Computer By DAVID E. KALISH AP Business Writer NEW YORK (AP) Compaq Computer Corp., struggling to regain its U.S. leadership in personal computer sales, may get some help from an unusual-looking machine for businesses that is sleeker and cheaper than the bulky beige boxes dominating the workplace. Compaq's new iPaq machine, introduced Wednesday, is the first major product initiative by new chief executive Michael Capellas, who was promoted last summer to help revive Compaq from a stunning $184 million loss in the spring. Compaq's stock jumped 7 percent on news of the machine, which goes on sale in January for as little as $500. Shares rose $1.50 to $22.25 in trading at 5:15 p.m. on the New York Stock Exchange. The product costs about one-third less than Compaq's previous least expensive business computer. It has two layers, consisting of an inner gray box about the size of a hardcover dictionary wrapped in a darker shell. Compaq fell behind Dell Computer Corp. as the No. 1 personal computer maker in the United States last quarter and hopes to boost sales by stoking demand for a product that takes up less space on corporate desktops and is easier to use. The $500 model includes a CD-ROM or DVD drive and sports a 500 megahertz Celeron processor, 64 megabytes of memory and a 4.3 gigabyte hard drive. It doesn't have a floppy disk drive, and a monitor is extra. A higher-priced model is more powerful. The machine doesn't have standard ports for peripherals, relying instead on Universal Serial Bus connections that promise to make adding printers and other devices easier. Even though the iPaq costs less, Compaq officials said it doesn't sacrifice profits because they have streamlined the manufacturing and distribution process.

11-10-99 Panel: Abolish Internet Sales Tax By LARRY O'DELL Associated Press Writer RICHMOND, Va. (AP) The head of a panel appointed by Congress on Tuesday proposed abolishing Internet sales taxes and cutting the federal excise tax on local and long-distance telephone service. The cuts were proposed by Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore in his role as chairman of the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce. Another member of the e-commerce tax panel, Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt said he would unveil a plan next week requesting that states set up a voluntary method of collecting existing sales taxes from Internet transactions.

11-9-99 Thousands of couples from Philadelphia to Thailand are choosing to say their ``I do's'' in chorus on New Year's Eve as part of their city's celebrations to mark the new year. Alysia Henderson will pledge her undying love to Eric Garrett, her 35-year-old beau, along with 999 other couples in Philadelphia for the $40 cost of a license. She says the mass wedding ceremony will help ease last-minute jitters. ``We wanted to make history. We were thinking about getting married anyway around this time of year,'' the 29-year-old Henderson said. She downplayed the impersonal feel that might accompany reciting her vows along with hundreds of others. ``I never really wanted the fairy tale wedding that most people want, with the church and the limousine,'' she said. ``I just wanted something simple and plain.'' Philadelphia Mayor Edward G. Rendell and his wife, U.S. Circuit Court Judge Marjorie Rendell, will officiate the ceremony at the Grand Hall of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

11-8-99 Play Music trivia for prizes! If you know music trivia than show off your stuff at www.Tunetrivia.com

11-5-99 Cory Morrow was live in the studio and we check out his web site! Check it out www.corymorrow.com It is a great site with information about Cory! Check out the tour schedule!

11-4-99 Brad Hawkins joined us this morning on the show so in return we featured his site! Check out www.bradhawkins.com It is a great site with everything you want to know about Brad Hawkins. look for Brad in the CBS mini-series "Shake Rattle and Roll" Nov. 7th and Nov. 10th at 7pm.

11-3-99The computerized voice reading e-mail through the speakers in a Cadillac Seville was female and slightly British. To General Motors Corp., it sounded like money. The voice came from a demonstration Tuesday of a service GM will offer in a luxury car next year to hook up to the Internet and deliver e-mail and other data to the driver, who controls it with spoken commands. GM President and Chief Operating Officer G. Richard Wagoner said the service, using the company's OnStar satellite-based system, would turn up in a few luxury models starting in mid-2000. ``GM is ushering in a new era of automotive communications that is destined to change the role of cars and trucks for the American driving public,'' Wagoner said. Wagoner declined to say how much the option would cost, and would only say the first year's production would be ``limited.'' The ``Web car'' is part of a larger GM drive to sell services to the buyers of its cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles. It's targeting a captive audience; millions of GM drivers who spend an average of about 80 minutes a day in their vehicles. The company has said that within five years, in-car services such as Internet access and CD-quality satellite radio broadcasts could generate revenues for GM in the range of $4 billion to $6 billion a year. During a demonstration at the 1999 Specialty Equipment Market Association, the Seville's driver was able to have traffic data, stock quotes and a brief e-mail read to him. The system was also able to play a MP3 sound file sent over the Internet. Users will customize the information the system, called the OnStar Virtual Advisor, sends to them through a personalized Web page. There's no separate screen in the car; just the buttons used by the OnStar service. OnStar, through its service center, can provide directions, track a car that's stolen, unlock a car when the keys are left inside, and summon an ambulance if necessary after an air bag deploys. The subscription cost is about $17 or $33 a month, depending on the level of services. Wagoner said OnStar has about 100,000 subscribers, and is growing quickly toward 1 million. GM has begun offering OnStar as a factory-installed option on several models, and is negotiating to sell the system to other automakers. GM is betting heavily that OnStar will give it a major competitive advantage as its cost comes down and its services expand. Over the next five years, GM plans to invest more than $1 billion in OnStar and other e-commerce activities. Several automakers, including Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler AG, are also working on linking their cars to the Internet. Chris Cedergren, an industry consultant with Nextrend, said getting e-mail while driving would have a broad appeal especially if more laws are passed limiting cellular phone usage while driving. ``In the next decade you'll see a lot more computer technology going into cars that's Internet based, where drivers can get as much information in their cars as they can in their home,'' he said.

11-2-99 NEW YORK (AP) People who juggle a single telephone line for Web surfing and making calls can now get an Internet version of call waiting and caller ID so they can log on and still find out if they're getting a call and who's calling. The service, developed by Nortel Networks, is being offered to subscribers of Microsoft's MSN for an extra $4.95 or $5.95 per month. MSN launched the service Thursday in Atlanta, Seattle and San Diego with plans to offer it in 50 major U.S. markets over the next several months. A similar service using the Nortel system was recently introduced in Chicago by the phone company Ameritech. Whenever there's an incoming call while a user's computer is connected to the Internet, the service opens a pop-up window on the monitor, displaying the name and phone number of the caller.

11-1-99 Music Hot Bid! Log on to the Web's larget on-line auction site devoted to the music industry!

10-29-99 The top five most visited health-related Internet Web sites in September, based on unique visitors, were: drkoop.com: 2.6 million America Online Health Channel: 2.5 million Healthshop.com: 1.3 million Onhealth.com: 1.3 million Drugstore.com: 1.2 million Source: Media Metrix Inc.

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