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6-29-01 Don't forget to sign up to win an all expenses paid trip to see Lila McCann in Seattle Click here to register.

6-28-01 Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

This one's fairly self-explanatory -- lots and lots of photographs of men who look like Kenny Rogers. Jaimie Muehlhausen explains: "You see them at the mall, the state fair, restaurants, even at the new car lot. They look like Kenny Rogers and sometimes it's downright spooky. Sometimes it's spooky for the right reasons and sometimes for all the wrong reasons." Check out the amateur file, the impersonator collection, the celebrity portfolio, or the Kenny of the Month. Browse the suggestions of good places to spot men who look like Kenny Rogers, or go ahead and pick up tips on how to look like Kenny Rogers yourself.

6-27-01 NOOFLAT

Following in the proud tradition of Noodlebox, Superbad, and SodaConstructor, NOOFLAT is a tremendous waste of time. This cheeky portfolio of Flash-enhanced graphics features dozens of vaguely organic shapes and objects that respond in various ways to the clicking of your mouse. Spin the bulbous DNA-looking thing faster! Stretch the bendy pipecleaner-doohicky tighter! Scatter the swarm of marauding polka dots farther! You get the general idea. And if you still haven't incinerated the remainder of your work day, check out the links page.

6-26-01 2001: destination space
The Tech, an innovative technology museum in San Jose, California, offers a double-edged tribute to Stanley Kubrick's monolithic science-fiction film. Showcasing the intersection of science and art, the museum's physical exhibit has been translated into four main parts: Fact and Fiction -- showing the advances that 2001: A Space Odyssey anticipated and which have come to pass; The Art of Robert McCall -- paintings by and an interview with the renowned illustrator; Visionary Voices -- Q & A with scholars whose work was affected by Kubrick's film; and finally, Learning Resources -- challenges for students and links to an astronomical amount of information on 2001 and our future in space.

6-25-01"Doing My Country Thing Mark Chesnutt "This is Mark Chesnutt's first album recorded in San Antonio and produced by Joe Scates in the 1980's while Mark was in his late teens. Shortly thereafter , he was signed to MCA Records. Copr. 1990 by Axbar Records http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/124/mark_chesnutt.html

6-22-01 The Mel Brooks Humor Site

A water ballet about the Spanish Inquisition. Farting cowboys. Manly men in tights. Who could be as politically incorrect, hilarious, and successful as Mel Brooks? His Broadway adaptation of his 1968 movie The Producers recently won a record-breaking 12 Tony Awards, making Brooks one of the rare people who've won a Tony, a Grammy, an Emmy, and an Oscar. This site pays homage to Brooks' film work and features a page full of photos and sound clips from each of his 13 films. This site's creator knows that to truly appreciate Brooks' comedy, you've got to experience it. So the site serves up gems like the Nazi-parodying show tune "Spring Time" and a picture of Frankenstein's monster smoking a cigarette after sex. Oy vey!

6-21-01 Found Magazine

This new magazine picks up where others leave off, literally. If you've ever picked up a note, a picture, or an object that someone else discarded or left behind, you should share your story with Found. Browse through photos or notes that were once important but lost for some reason. It provides a low-grade voyeuristic thrill that curious people can't get enough of. So go forth and find things, and when you do, tell the people at Found.

6-20-01 Jump the Shark - Music

Many television fans are now familiar with the concept of "jumping the shark." It's that defining moment when something that was once so right goes horribly wrong. The original site dealt with the fickle and ever-changing world of TV. Now, its creator has teamed up with RollingStone.com to pinpoint bad career moves in the world of music. There are a variety of reasons that a music career can take a turn for the worse, and they're in categories such as drugs, going solo, and noble causes. You can even vote on the moment the careers of your favorite music artist headed south.

6-19-01 Lose Weight While You Surf: If you’re counting calories, the internet is here to help. www.caloriescount.com <http://www.caloriescount.com/> is a free Web site that allows the visitor to quickly and easily find the exact number of calories in most meals and individual food items. The process is easy. Just type in a food and with the click of a few bottoms the calorie count registers. The site allows you to not only enter the food but also use a scale to calculate the calorie count based on the size of the portion.


6-15-01 Don't Miss The Great Divide live in Concert this Saturday night! Downtown Antlers, OK. Show begins at 8:30 pm on High Street!

6-14-01 Don't Miss Jason Boland and the Stragglers Saturday from 1-4pm at Sharpe's Dept. Store in Antlers and downtown on High street at 8:30 pm.

6-13-01 Shoeless In America

In our popular just-so-you-know category: The Society for Barefoot Living says it's dedicated to, among other things, "debunking the myth that it is illegal to drive barefoot." (Site disclaimer: "This is NOT a 'sex thing' or a dating service.")

6-12-01 The Waiter's Revenge

Working in the food service industry isn't always a proverbial piece of cake, but now there's a special place for waiters to vent: Waiter's Revenge. This site features a chat room and a message board, plus places to share table-waiting horror stories and signs of bad tippers. Waiters looking to improve themselves can read the Tips for Better Tips section, while poetic waiters and even restaurant customers might enjoy the "Waiter's Haiku page, which includes this gem: "I ordered it rare / The steak is over done, Yuk / Your tip will suffer."

6-11-01 Underwater Archaeology

Beneath the waters of the Mediterranean lie vast amounts of relics from the region's maritime history. Undisturbed for centuries, these items are painstakingly uncovered, identified, catalogued, photographed, and analyzed by teams of intrepid marine archaeologists from France and other countries. This site highlights some daring expeditions and pays homage to past discoverers who brought the complicated craft of modern diving to the fore. Like their dry-land counterparts -- these marine archaeologists are concerned with more than human artifacts. While visiting the undersea world, they also note the unique topography of a site and survey the terrain surrounding the excavations.

6-08-01 Bob Hope and American Variety

The Library of Congress presents this impressive look at the first half of the American 20th Century. This isn't just about Bob Hope's comedy career, it's about American immigrants at the turn of the century, Vaudeville, the glory days of radio, the Great Depression, the advent of sound in Motion Pictures, World War II, and early live television, among other things. It's also loaded with fascinating primary documents: original Vaudeville showbills, movie publicity stills, a packed 1983 appointment book, and letters from POWs. All this from the man who claimed "I have performed for twelve presidents and entertained six."

6-07-01 le piano graphique
Tre cool. This very hip and very French music simulator transforms your PC into a fully funktified groove machine. It works by assigning a sample to each letter on your keyboard: a breakbeat, a lead synth melody, a hip-hop chorus, etc. Lay down a basic bass and drum track, then go crazy with the leads. You can choose between five types of songs -- "Cargo" is world music, "Rude Boy" is reggae, "Lov' Techno" is electronic, etc. And as you play, you manipulate the swirling psychedelic images on your screen. Why go outside?

6-06-01 InterPlanetary Internet

The Internet Society is an organization that works to ensure the growth and evolution of the Internet and its infrastructure. The Interplanetary Internet research group represents its latest foray into the future. The goal of this project "is to define the architecture and protocols necessary to permit interoperation of the Internet resident on Earth with other remotely located internets resident on other planets or spacecraft in transit." What's all that mean? Well, as far as we can tell, it means that if this plan takes root, sending an email to Mars in the future will be much easier than downloading an MP3 from Napster.

6-05-01Check out the latest Video on Great American Country Click here to visit the site.


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