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07-31-01 Whack-a-Flack

This Shockwave game lets you attack public relations flacks with their own press releases (neatly folded into sharp paper airplanes). There are nine different human targets, from the old-school Hardy Knox, who used to drive 400 miles through snow to get a press release into a small-town paper, to youngster Tina Bawper, fresh from her internship and ready to run the whole company. You can even whack King Kong on the head as he peeks through the high-rise office's windows. But don't hit the grey-haired suit who yells "Security!" That's Bill Yunz, the big cheese, who'll fire your behind back to the Dark Ages.

07-30-01 Bring Back the Classic Cut

We've all seen the Subway sandwich commercials where we meet Jared and learn about his miraculous weight loss through the magic of deli-sandwich consumption. But did you know there's a growing controversy surrounding this popular merchant of bread, meat, cheese, and various fixin's? Apparently, the so-called Sandwich Artists of Subway have abandoned the "v-shaped canyon" in favor of the new "hot dog" style of bread cutting. Not everyone is happy about this switch -- in a comparison of sandwiches, this site's creator likens the new cut to a gutted muskrat. So, if you're down for the cause and would like to join the fight against the "despicable mutilation of sandwiches," sign the online petition to bring back the old cut.

07-27-01 AskOxford.com
If you have a question about English, shouldn't a site "for everything you need to know about the English language" be your first stop? AskOxford.com aims offers helpful tips for better writing, information on the origin of words and the creation of dictionaries, and diversions like word games, crossword puzzles, and a jargon buster. And don't miss the the contenders for inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary -- this month's possibilities include "dot.bomb," "bilderberger," and, our favorite, the Spinal Tap-inspired "goes up to 11."


07-26-01 website for the Red River Wreck, a Western Rivers sidewheeler believed to date to the late 1830s or early 1840s. Although this project is still in its initial stages, it promises to be a significant archaeological discovery, one that will greatly assist our understanding of the cultural, technological and military history of the American West.

07-25-01 Nasty Worm go away! W32.Sircam.Worm@mm has really hit hard in the Red River Valley. We suggest to never open attachments.. This little program once inside your computer will create its own internet access and email a copy of itself to a large number of email addresses. It doesn't stop there, it will start deleting files and evently render the computer useless. See Symantec for more information. Plus you can use the autofix tool available.

Now a word from Pete from NETO! There is a very nasty virus making the rounds right now. We have recently put into place an automatic virus scanning system but it does not catch everything. Some versions of this virus are slipping through the cracks and it seems that a lot of our customers are infected with this new virus.

If you receive an email with an attachment that is formated something like this filename.doc.pif or filename.gif.bat etc, DO NOT RUN IT. In the body of the email you will see something like -> Here is the file that ..... or I hope you like the file ....

I can not post the complete lines as our virus scanner will pick up on it.

We urge EVERYONE to update their virus software and run a complete scan or visit http://housecall.antivirus.com to scan your computer for free. You must update your virus software or it will not pick up on this virus.

More information on this particular virus can be found out:


This is a very nasty virus that is spreading very fast....PLEASE SCAN YOUR COMPUTERS!!!!!

07-24-01 www.flowgo.com Great place to get clean jokes and fun!

Curtis Nabors, President of Scooterlights started Scooterlights for one reason: Safety. In August 2000, he watched his nine-year-old daughter ride her scooter across the street at night. She couldn’t see and couldn’t be seen. That night he thought of Scooterlights.
Talk to Curtis Nabors of Scooterlights at (800) 362-9466 and/or check out http://www.scooterlights.com.

07-20-01 Channel 3

This online museum to classic video games takes its name from "that pre-cable, pre-satellite dead-air channel between channels" on which you would tune your TV to play the video games of yesteryear. The site's creator, Jeff Williams, offers an in-depth look at his personal collection of video-game consoles (including some unforgettable gems like the Sears Video Arcade II and the Atari Jaguar), a detailed history of game consoles, and reviews of the games that could be played on them. It's amazing to see how far gaming has come in only 25 years.

07-19-01 From Domesticity to Modernity: What Was Home Economics?

If you think home economics courses were designed to keep women in the kitchen, this online exhibit by Cornell University may quickly change your mind. Since the early 20th century, Cornell's home-economics program has sought to bring "science to the farm home and women into higher education and leadership positions." As America changed from a rural, agrarian society to an urban, consumer culture, home economists educated women about new technologies and encouraged scientific testing of consumer goods. Eleanor Roosevelt even advocated the home economics field as social reform for women.

07-18-01 The Champion Tree Project

In 1996, Michigan tree farmer David Milarch had an epiphany. For generations, his family grew, propagated, and protected "champion trees." By definition, they're not only the biggest of their species, but often the oldest, hardiest, and most resistant to pests, disease, or pollution. When deteriorating growing conditions and storms threatened to unseat these giants, Milarch took matters into his own hands. He and his sons climbed trees and harvested champion seeds -- not for profit, but for posterity. Thus, the Champion Tree Project was born. Today, the nonprofit preservation campaign spreads its branches across the U.S. and enlists the support of volunteer planters, educators, and politicians nationwide. It's a wonderful story of how a seedling of a dream can bloom into a grand reality.

07-17-01 Flash Enabled

The age of Dick Tracy is upon us. Pocket PCs are overtaking Palm Pilots in popularity, and fan sites are sprouting like weeds. This collection of tools, news, and software for the Pocket PC has been created with Macromedia Flash and features all manner of curious downloads for your little digital buddy. Witness: Nirvana videos, Vermeer slide shows, sign-language tutorials, NYC subway map, the Planet of the Apes trailer, the cult "stick figure death" animation, scientific calculators, chat programs, metric converters, and a poker game. You can take it with you.

07-16-01 Revenge Lady

Annoying coworker got you down? Recently dumped for a physically attractive but intellectually shallow person? Don't get mad, write the Revenge Lady. Dispensing time-worn tips on the fine art of getting even (and then some!), the Revenge Lady offers advice with a smile. The Q-and-A column ("put a mouse trap in his desk") is the real draw here, but you'll also find a handy guide to the rules of revenge and a life-affirming list of top-ten revenge stories. And remember, "Let your creativity blossom. Don't go for cliches like slashing tires. Yawn. Be original. Enjoy yourself. Give your mark an experience they'll never ever forget."

07-13-01 Get the K95.5 WB Morning Circus Screen Saver Click here to download it !!!!

07-12-01 British Pop Culture in the 1960s

David "Digger" Barnes spent his youth absorbing the sights and the sounds London in the '60s and early '70s; now he runs a web site devoted to the best of '60s British pop culture. From the all-pervasive influence of the Beatles in music, fashion, and film to one of the most controversial moments of World Cup history, Barnes shows how Britain bounced back from the drab post-war years to invade America's pop sensibilities. The site overflows with pictures, biographies, film reviews, TV summaries, MIDI files, ad posters, fashion shots, star interviews, and trivia about the era. This is the real deal, no imitations or parody. Austin Powers, eat your heart out!

07-11-01 BBC Bookcase

This brilliant site functions as its name suggests -- like a family's bookcase that represents the varied interests of each reader. The site is a potpourri of literary news, features, and games, and even offers an animated history of books guided by none other than Bill Shakespeare himself. Its editorial offerings are unpretentious yet informative and appeal to avid readers of all genres. From the would-be romance novelist, to the aspiring poet, there's a lot of practical advice here for beginning writers as well. So why not have a spot of tea with some scones, and let the BBC engage your imagination?

07-10-01 HistoryWorld

This interactive resource offers a vast array of tools designed to "make history make sense." The database of over 400 articles is searchable by period and theme so you can get an overview of the history of painting from cave art to 18th-century British watercolours, or zero in on the Napoleonic wars. Take one of the over 200 tours to explore themes and movements throughout time, or choose among some 300 timelines to gain a broader perspective of historical events. Once you've learned all there is to know, join the History Club and post your own essays, or test your smarts with a round of Whizz Quizz, an online competition staged every hour.

07-09-01 Swap No More: The "love it or hate it" on-line music swapping service Napster is "off the air" for a while during a retooling by managers. The action comes in the wake of court cases and charges of copyright infringement. Published reports indicate that Napster is changing itself into a copyright observing pay-for-use service. The main group hit by the company's decision to play by the rules is college students, among Napster's biggest fans.

07-06-01 Free animated electronic greeting cards and funpages for holidays and all occasions and just in time for the weekend!

07-05-01 Volcano Live

Volcanologist John Seach's site features several jaw-dropping photographs of your host casually ogling massive plumes of spouting lava. It's also bursting with constantly updated information on all things volcanic. Check out live volcano cams, breaking volcano eruption news, the latest satellite images of active volcanoes, and suggested travel spots for die-hard volcano fans. And don't miss the photographs of huge, perfectly formed smoke rings puffed out by Mount Etna.


07-03-01 On July 4, 1776, we claimed our independence from England and Democracy was born.

Every day thousands leave their homeland to come to the "land of the free and the home of the brave" so they can begin their American Dream. The United States is truly a diverse nation made up of dynamic people.

Each year on July 4, Americans celebrate that freedom and independence with barbecues, picnics, and family gatherings. Check out this site dedicated to the 4th of July...

07-02-01 Great Images in NASA

From deep space studies to Star Trek, the GRIN (Great Images in NASA) web site presents a wonderful photo collection related to air and space exploration. Peer into the heart of the Crab Nebula in Deep Space Studies. Enjoy celestial fireworks observed from that cosmic magnifying glass, the Hubble Telescope. View pictures of famous flyers such as Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and the cast of the original Star Trek in the VIPs and People at NASA/NACA section. Most of these photos are copyright-free, so you can add a slice of space history on your own web site too.




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