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01-31-01 The first episode of the next season of Survivor has just gone to air in the United States. And if you were a huge fan of the last Survivor series, you're going to love this one – 16 Americans stranded deep in the Queensland outback. Apparently Survivor 2 makes the first survivor look like Club Med. There was only one guy who was scheming in the first Survivor and he won it because the rest of the cast were asleep. This time everyone has strategies and the show proves to get a lot nastier. There's heaps online –popularity polls, survivor games, even a weekly newsletter keeping you up to date. Check out Survivor in the Australian Outback.

01-30-01 Will's favorite site! I love www.google.com because it a no nonsense site. If you are looking for a site google can find it! Go ahead try it! It's free, it's easy, and loads of fun too!


01-29-01 zerotv

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, zerotv.com is "an internet TV station, entertainment website offering original dramatic and comedy content, as well as interactive music, comic and game show programming." Stop in today for a sampling of great material, and then keep coming back: the goal of the site "is to entertain people with 1-5 minutes of new material a day." We enjoyed the TV-like content on the site (everything from soap operas to monster chronicles), but without doubt our favorite feature is the song factory radio show. Send in your own lyrics and the folks at zerotv will turn them into an original song.

01-26-01 If you've always dreamt of being famous, but you've never known how to go about it, well, why not use the Internet. At iwannabefamous.com you can find out the best tips and advice about how you can use the Internet to make yourself famous! You can even apply to be their feature famous person for a day. But don't take it too seriously, its just a bit of fun.

01-25-01 More proof that we are obsessed with celebrity. A service called Upoc <www.upoc.com> actually offers instant text message paging so that members can be alerted about LIVE celebrity sightings!!! For instance, if a New Yorker happens to spot Jewish superstar Henry Winkler at the drug store, they can call it in to Upoc, and within seconds, anyone in the city can know where Fonzie is!!!



Just in time for Valentine's Day. . . show your minx or hunk how much you care by shelving the chocolates and the jewelry and cards. Get them LAND. . . on ANOTHER PLANET!!! For just $34, you can buy an acre of land on Mars or
Venus (. . . because, if you didn't know, men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.)

--The land is being sold by MoonEstates <www.moonestates.com>, a company set up by Dennis Hope. . . who literally OWNS THE WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM. Back in 1980, Dennis bought every planet. . . and nobody has really challenged his
ownership, since there was no precedent for the buying of entire planets, and since Dennis did clear his purchase with some international organizations. By the way for your $34, you get a framed deed and a map of your land on Mars
or Venus, as well as details on your ownership of all the underground minerals on your acre. (Ananova)

01-23-01 Everyone knows about getting junk mail in their inbox, what's known in the cyber world as SPAM. But not everyone knows how to get rid of it. The golden rule of beating the spamsters is never EVER reply to a Spam message. Doing this only tells the junk mailers that there is a live person reading the emails at the end of your address. This is especially true for messages that have a link saying "click here to remove yourself from this mailing list". Whatever you do, don't click on it. And if you get really desperate, there are programs you can download from the net that will try to block spam messages that are being sent to your account. One of them is called SpamCop and you can get it here.

01-22-01 Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon

Launched to snap high-resolution pictures of potential Apollo landing sites, the Lunar Orbiter missions brought back hundreds of crisp lunar photographs. Consider this your one-stop shop for massive digital images of creepy black and white moonscapes. You'll find all of your favorite lunar features here: Mont Blanc, the Sea of Tranquility, the Tycho Crater. And all of you Pink Floyd fans will appreciate several large glossies of the dark side of the moon! Needless to say, this makes excellent screensaver material.


01-19-01 How fast is your DSL? Click here to see how fast your DSL is!

01-18-01how to make your Billy Bass say what you want click here for instructions!

01-17-01 California Deserts

Nine diverse state and federal agencies -- from Caltrans to the National Park Service -- have collaborated on this guide to the desert wilderness of California and southern Nevada. Modern visitors need not face the hazards and hardships that confronted early travelers in a ruggedly beautiful, landscape, but they should come prepared for a hostile environment. Just in time for the winter wildflower season, the site describes three distinct desert ecosystems: the Mojave (hottest and driest), the Colorado (lowest), and the Great Basin Desert (higher and colder). Much like the region it describes, this is a trip planner that's easy to get lost in.

01-16-01 Oklahoma Department of corrections. Click here for information on the two escaped convicts from McAlester.

01-15-01 Crime Stoppers ANONYMOUS

A nationwide toll-free telephone number for Crime Stoppers ANONYMOUS has been set up for information regarding the seven escapees. The phone number may be used by anyone who may have information leading to the apprehension of the prison escapees who are believed to have robbed a store in Irving and murdered an Irving Police Officer on Christmas Eve.
The number will be answered 24-hours per day, seven days a week until the fugitives are recaptured. Additionally, a thousand-dollar reward for each of the seven escapees is being offered to the person or persons with information leading to the capture of the men. The number is 1-800-737-8143

Go and find more information at America Most Wanted's web site.

01-12-01 talking about rebates, now look for the best rebate on all kinds of products at www.rebateplace.com

01-11-01 Welcome to Cookbooks Online. If you are looking for recipes or want to buy a cookbook, you have come to the right place! Our Million+ Recipe Database contains more recipes than any other website and is free of charge. We have everything from Appetizer Recipes to Dessert Recipes, basically…any recipe you can think of is here! Also check out our discussion group and ask a question, join in or simply browse around. And don't forget about our huge listing of community cookbooks that will make excellent gifts.

01-10-01 DoItYourself.com® is the original and leading "Website Community" catering to the Do It Yourself home improvement and home repair market. Our goal is to provide information needed by Do It Yourselfers.

01-09-01 The Museum of Automobiles is a collection of legends in chrome and glass, magic moments captured forever in leather and lacquer. The museum is built more of memories than of masonry. You will see cars you remember, cars you heard about, cars you dreamed about. It has a profound effect on us, this wonderful machine called the automobile. At the Museum of Automobiles you can see how and why.

01-08-01 Capture the Moment
Here's an exhibition from the Newseum where every Pulitzer Prize-winning picture tells a story -- literally. To listen to the photographer's voice-over narration, you'll need Shockwave in your browser. The collection includes classic, historic shots from Iwo Jima, the Korean War, the Bay of Pigs crisis, the fall of the Iron Curtain, as well as contemporary crime scenes, birth scenes, and moments of joy and reunion, misery, and death.

01-04-01 What do they say now?

01-03-01 A couple of the guys from the band Rambler set in on the K95.5 WB Morning Circus! So what's the site www.rambler-band.com

01-02-2001 The Doomsday Clock first appeared on the cover of the June 1947 issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.Former Bulletin Editor Mike Moore with a larger-than-life mockup of the Doomsday Clock (1995)
It was set at seven minutes to midnight--a decision that the Clock's designer, Martyl Langsdorf, said had more to do with principles of good design than with the current state of the world (the very idea of the last quadrant of a clockface was supposed to represent in itself the urgency of the situation).

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