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K95.5 Internet Minute!
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02-28-01 CashWars - http://www.cashwars.com/ An online game where users can steal real money from other people, ally with friends, win great prizes and build an empire.

02-27-01 GameMachine - http://www.gamemachine.com/ Free online games and cash prizes up to a million dollars! Have fun with trivia, lotto, crossword, arcade, classic, action, card, and sports games.

02-26-01 Win up to $25,000 at TreeLoot by hunting down money in our online money tree!
If you play our game for 15 minutes, we guarantee you'll win one of many cool prizes. Click here to begin playing. If you don't win they'll give you $100.00!! go to http://www.treeloot.com/ to Win!!!


Better watch that e-mail. Instead of explaining layoffs and spending cuts in person, bosses are avoiding the dreaded task by using technology to break bad news. Many employees are learning via e-mail that job cuts are in the works or colleagues already have been laid off. E-mail is also being used to inform workers of travel restrictions, hiring freezes and other significant spending changes. While critics say the practice is too impersonal, employers praise the use of e-mail as a quick way to get the information to all workers, especially those in remote or home offices. But such use of technology has some critics crying foul. "The only advantage is it gives management an opportunity to duck and dodge angry employees," says Peter Giuliano, chairman of Executive Communications Group in Englewood, New Jersey. "If you want to maintain good relationships and your respect in the marketplace, these kinds of things should be done in person." That's when you go to www.mosterjobs.com


02-20-01 The Rothschild Petersen Patent Model Museum

Home to over 4,000 patent models, this museum preserves the work of inventions large and small. Take a look at the rotary engine designed in 1876 or the machine for making toy torpedoes designed in 1875. While the making of toy torpedoes isn't as integral to everyday life as the rotary engine, part of the joy of this site is viewing the fantastic and whimsical models that didn't quite make it to the assembly line. Use it as inspiration for your own invention.

02-19-01 for the latest news on the Dale Earnhardt Tragedy go to www.nascar.com

02-15-01 On this date in 1992 100th episode of "Cops" airs on the Fox Network. Check out the hit TV show's web site at www.cops.com

02-14-01 The Real Thirteen Days

"At midday, and again in the early evening of October 16, 1962, John F. Kennedy called together a group of his closest advisers at the White House. Late the night before, the CIA had produced detailed photo intelligence identifying Soviet nuclear missile installations under construction on the island of Cuba, some ninety miles off the Florida coast...." The National Security Archive (home to a library of declassified documents made available through the Freedom of Information Act) examines the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis through an impressive array of original documents. Included here are frenzied cables between Kennedy and Khrushchev, black and white photographs of tense-looking groups of men in suits, and actual recordings of White House intelligence briefings. You'll also find a pointed response to the recent Kevin Costner vehicle.

02-12-01 Bluemountain.com This Wednesday is V-Day! Be sure to send your Valentine a card!

02-09-01 Anyone planning to surprise their partner with a diamond ring on Valentine's Day should call it off immediately.
According to experts at Panchang.com, February 14 is not a good day for proposals but is better suited to the giving of sexy, sensual gifts.Panchang specializes in assigning different dates and times with particular qualities.
Panchang experts believe February 26 is the perfect time for an expression of fidelity.


Romance expert Michael Webb, author of The Romantic's Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love, is soliciting proposal stories for his new book, The Romantic's Guide to Popping the Question, and will award the couple with the best marriage proposal a five-night stay at the Radisson Aruba Caribbean Resort.The contest will also award 150 second place winners a pair of Martini & Rossi flutes and inclusion in his new book. For more details, visit www.TheRomantic.com. The deadline is February 28, 2001.

02-07-01 www.cupcars.com go and race! This is the site to get behind a real NASCAR! Take a training course, then strap in and feel the power of a 650 horsepower motor and run up to 165 mph!!!! Barry suggest www.sportsline.com , Anything you want to know about sports and check out the fantasy NASCAR racing!

02-06-01 www.texasmotorspeedway.com Find out what is going on at Texas Motor Speedway! This is where the BIG BOYS Race! NASCAR, Indy car, World of Outlaw! Need Tickets the info is right here!!!

02-05-01 www.aintitcool.com

02-02-01 www.k955.com here is your chance to vote a country star off the K95.5 Country Music Survivor Island. Yesterday Lee Ann Rimes was voted off who will be next?

02-01-01 From the Listener Email Bag "On the internet minute site you list google as your favorite. Man are you missing out. If you don't want a real specific site, Google is good but if you want one that will just search for News, MP3s, or Pictures you gotta try
http://www.ixquick.com/ It's a MetaSearch. But if you still want to use Google, why not use the people they actually get the information from? http://dmoz.org/

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