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12-28-2000 Exploding Dog - send Sam a title and he'll draw you a picture. Halfbakery - an open market for good (and not-so-good) ideas. iSketch - an addictive multiplayer game of charades.

12--27-2000 CastleMouse 2000 - a puzzle game that's anything but cheesy. Disturbing Search Requests - what the heck are people looking for? Eddie Breen's Piggyback Art - thrift-store art transformed by a master.

12-22-2000 See Santa's website! The North Pole.com Visit Santa's Den, The Elves work shop, even see where the reindeere live!

12-21-2000 Coca-Cola Television Advertisements Marking yet another triumph for those savvy team players capitalism and media, The Coca Cola Company has graciously donated its archive of television commercials to the Library of Congress. Nope, this isn't an Onion headline, but rather a "variety of television advertisements, never-broadcast outtakes, and experimental footage reflecting the historical development of television advertising for a major commercial product." All your favorites are here: the Hilltop, Mean Joe Greene, and the Polar Bears.

12-20-2000 Hayes vs. Tilden: The Electoral College Controversy of 1876-1877 As it turns out, we've been here before. The Hayes vs. Tilden case involved an electoral college dispute that wasn't covered by the Constitution. Florida played a key role in the controversy, and the electoral college and the popular vote were won by opposing candidates. The controversy sparked a flurry of legal machinations, which the press followed avidly. But here's the scary part: The issue was finally resolved by an ad hoc commission comprised of Supreme Court justices, senators, and house members, and wasn't settled until three days before the inauguration. This does not bode well.

12-19-2000 Mexico: From Empire to Revolution The Getty Institute presents Part I (1857-1896) of a two-part bilingual photo journey through Mexican history. The exhibition uses sophisticated Flash animation to chronicle the tumultuous nineteenth century, focusing on the photographic work of Désiré Charnay, Lord Maudslay, and Augustus Le Plongeon, and other European archaeologists, adventurers, and photojournalists. Ruined ancient Mayan cities in the jungle, Beaux-Arts architecture in the capital, and portraits of generals and ruling families bear witness to a colonial culture in transition, while the interactive timeline supplies dates and context

12-18-2000 5 great gifts for under $100.00

5.Game Boy "Back-up" Station $73
Transfer Roms from your computer to a cartridge and play them on your hand held Game Boy. This device is compatible with color and classic games.

4. PC Optical mouse $23
Upgrade to the latest "smart" mice.No more cleaning the ball and so precise.Comes in USB/Ps2 conectors and it scans 1500 times/s

3. Akoo Wireless Internet Audio Device -- Listen to your MP3s, Internet Radio, or any PC Audio file through your home stereo system!! This is the hottest new device for music lovers!! Now only $99.99!

2.MpTrip $87
Now you can record the MP3 files to a 650 megabyte CD-R or CD-RW and play them directly on our MP3 player. Each CD can hold more or less 160 songs, which can be arranged in different directories in the order that you want.

1. The PSC (Personal Sport Communications) $89. Communicate is a two-way radio that delivers portable sport communication like no other product before it. Built for backcountry reliability, it has a two-mile radius and is packaged in an ultra-compact design that's re-enforced for durability. Snowboarders, hikers, bikers and boaters can all receive regular weather alerts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's network of 500 broadcast stations. Like the PSA[Play, the PSC Communicate will have a complete line of accessories to ensure integrated wearability and sport functionality.


12-15-2000 Tesla - Master of Lightning PBS explores the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) in this detailed web backgrounder for a television biography premiering on December 12, 2000. Born in Serbia, Tesla arrived in New York City in 1884 and was quickly hired by his idol, Thomas Edison. When conflicts developed, he sold his revolutionary patents to a Mr. Westinghouse and continued to experiment and innovate -- AC motors, Tesla coils, radio, remote control devices, high-frequency lighting all bear the signature of his genius. Master the fundamentals of alternating and direct current (AC/DC), power transmission, or magnetic fields -- it's positively electric.

12-12-2000 Have you completed your holiday shopping? No, well you only have a couple of days left to shop on line! Tomorrow begins the 12 days of Christmas and safe shoppers will allow 7 days for items to be shipped. So if you order online be sure to find out when it will be shiped and if the company has any shipping gaurantees.

12-11-2000 NEED CASH? PUT AN AD ON YOUR CAR You can earn hundreds of dollars a month - for cruising in your car. A new company called Autowraps.com pays owners to have their cars turned into moving advertisements. Derran Cannady, a 38-year-old publishing company owner, had his 1999 VW Beetle covered with a huge ad for Dreyer's ice cream. Cannady signed up last may and earned $1,200 for carrying a Dreyer's ad on his car for three months. Some 25 companies, including Yahoo, Head and Shoulders shampoo, California Pizza Kitchen, Dreyer's ice cream, Jiffy Lube an Wired magazine are on board.

12-8-2000 What is the next major milestone in your life. K95.5's Barry Diamond's is currently 13872 days old. His next Major Decimal Birthday is his 14000th day on: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 What is yours? Go to the Decimal birthday site.

12-7-2000 Monster Cards of the 1950's and 1960's If a Hank Aaron rookie card doesn't float your boat, then maybe a '63 Wolf Man or a '65 Deadly Mantis might. Monster cards, like their baseball card brethren, were sold in paper wrappers with requisite pieces of stale chewing gum to thousands of a eager kids. All your old favorites are here (Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon), as well as some failed experiments (The Tingler, Hideous Sun Demon, Fiend Without a Face). You'll also find the classic Mars Attacks! series, which inspired the Tim Burton film.

12-6-2000 The Droplift Project The Droplift CD was released in stores nationwide over the weekend of July 28th, 2000. Actually, it wasn't so much released as inserted. "Droplifters" all over the country shoved the CDs in random bins, in hopes that folks would find them and purchase them as regular old CDs from befuddled cashiers. The CD features 30 audio collage artists -- folks who use "found sound" to create pieces of "parody, critical commentary, and new art." It's also available as a free download, naturally.

12-5-2000 The Foot Nurse! .A great site to find out foot info! See her special page dedicated to foot tips of the month! She even devotes a good chuck of shape on her website for Diabetics. Here is a little history on the Foot Nurse! In 1990,She began working with podiatry patients in outpatient surgical centers and later experienced the conservative and preventive practices in a Podiatric Sports Medicine office. Currently, as The Foot Nurse, she provides foot health education in the corporate setting, as well as the general public, for health, safety, & wellness groups. A great site for foot news!

12-4-2000 JFK-Dallas, November 22, 1963 Where were you? If you weren't born yet, this media-rich site may help provide a sense of what it was like to be there. The Dallas Morning News focuses on primary sources such as television and radio excerpts, eyewitness accounts, and full-page newspaper scans to examine the JFK assassination. Doris Nelson, the registered nurse on duty at Parkland Memorial Hospital recalls: "The operator told me the president had been shot. I thought she was joking and asked her what else was new. But then, from the tone of her voice, I knew she wasn't kidding."

12-1-2000 This Christmas get a CD Bunner! Great for back-up, storage, and MUSIC! Burners range in speed from 2x to as fast as 12x. Either internal (inside the Commputer) or External (outside the computer) but, before you buy, look for CD burners that offer "burn proof" technology. This ensures an error-free recording process. My advice, like a guitar buy the best (fastest) one you can afford!

NASA SkyWatch is a web-based Java application that provides sky watchers worldwide with a picture of when and where the International Space Station, the space shuttle and other spacecraft can be seen with the unaided eye as they pass overhead.

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