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Aug 2nd Scary Squirrel
These creatures romp around the neighborhood, eating out of the bird feeder and narrowly escaping death by car.

Aug 3rd SAY Cheese
How many kinds of cheese are there? Well, the number is really big and you can find out information on every kind of cheese here.

Aug 4th Sokie Shock
Jeff is an American English teacher in Japan who has written down accounts of his shocking and disturbing experiences in Japanese culture.

Aug 5th Sticky Situation
A computer monitor suspended by....Loctite Super Bonder? Users can send short messages that display in real time on the monitor and also look at photos

Aug 8th Explore on a budget!
Explorica is a travel company geared toward students with enthusiasm for globe-trotting but little cash.

Aug 9th Collegebound
A time for learning and growth, it's also a time of exams, papers and mysterious dogs that eat homework.

Aug 10th My kids First Day Back
Many kids struggle with feeling shy. KidsHealth is here to alleviate those feelings with some tips and some words of encouragement for the first day

Aug 12th www.lonniespiker.com

Aug 15th www.strudeldoodle.com

Augh 16th www.worldalmanacforkids.com

Aug 17th eBallon.org Today marks the twenty-seventh anniversary of the completion of the first transatlantic balloon trip by three Americans, Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson and Larry Newman.  The trio set out from Presque Isle in Maine in the Double Eagle II on August 11, 1978, landing in Evereux, France 137 hours later. 

Aug 18th GasBuddy.com can help you find cheap gas prices in your city. It is comprised of 170 gas price information web sites that help consumers find low gasoline prices.

Aug 19th It's a Circus
Ever want to run away to the circus? You don't have to: Just visit this site, which details the history of the traveling show, has old photos and offers little-known facts.

Aug 22nd Where's the Stapler?
Who can forget Milton's red Swingline from Office Space ? Now that was special stapler. Here is a site that celebrates the collating gadget. virtualstapler.com

Aug 23rd Volunteer Your Time
The first step in doing good is to find someone in need. VolunteerMatch allows you to search their database for the volunteer job of your choice. Let the goodwill begin

Aug 24th Rock On! rocksforkids.com
No, it's not a site about music. But it is a place to learn about rocks, as in stones and pebbles.

Aug 25th Bubble Wrap Fun
The most exciting part about getting a package isn't the contents of the package, it's popping the bubble wrap. If you can't get the real thing, try a virtual pop

Aug 26th Crossword Clues
Crossword puzzle fans know the frustration that is the one clue that just can't be solved. This site lets you search for the stubborn clue and get hints to the answer.

Aug 29th Quatloos Protects You
Who can tell what is bad on the Web? From Nigerian scams to those guys who want you to save the Bonsai Kittens, Quatloos is here to protect you from looking the fool.

Aug 30th Pencil Pages
The pencil collectors of the world have gone online. This site features a guide on pencil collecting, pictures and the world's largest pencil.

Aug 31st ERROR Wear
Don't have a shirt to match the Blue Screen of Death? No problem. ErrorWear features merchandise to compliment all of your pesky computer problems.

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