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08-14-01 When LP's Roamed The Earth

Save the LP vs. CD sonic-quality debate for another day. We're tired of it, and so are the guys behind this site. They welcome the sound and innovations of the CD, but they lament the loss of the most important part of the LP -- the cover. Most of us remember the large canvas that musicians and designers had to work with before the advent of the compact disc. This site takes a look back at 35 records that exemplify the lost art of album covers. The colors, imagery, and font choices may seem shocking, but don't look away. Instead, browse through them and read a bit of the story behind each cover. Make sure to tell 'em Curly Ray Cline sent ya.



Trip to Ballpark with the K95.5 WB Morning Circus and the 2001 AA Paris Red Hot All-Stars!


08-10-01 The John Hughes Files

If you were in high school in the 1980s, chances are you know the names Duckie, Blaine, and Farmer Ted. These characters came to life in the teen films of writer/director/producer John Hughes. The heart of this site Hughes shrine is the A-Z files. This section brims with trivia about everything from the fictional Chicago suburb of Shermer, Illinois (where so many Hughes films are set), to John Lennon references in The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. But the site catalogs more than just the teen flicks. Two decades of movies are covered -- the Jukebox even features sound clips from the opening credits of National Lampoon's Vacation and the title track of She's Having a Baby.

08-09-01 humanclock.com

A few things you should know about humanclock.com: 1) It currently has photos for about 850 of the 1440 minutes in a day. 2) If you see a missing minute and would like to contribute to the project, by all means, submit a photo. 3) About 95% of the photos were taken in Portland, Oregon. 4) We think the guy at 1:09 pm looks like trouble. 5) The girl at 11:11 am is single and looking. 6) We're quickly becoming addicted to checking the time.

08-08-01 Re-Versed Lyrics
A massive index of Christian lyrics that can be sung to popular tunes, this site is a hoot, no matter what your religious persuasion. Witness the rock 'n' roll splendor that is "Biblethumping" (sung to Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping"): "He's forgiving / And He's living / He's forgiving / My God got killed, but He rose up again / Death could never never keep Him down!" And the hits keep coming: "Addicted to God," "Hey! Hey! We're Not Monkeys," "Smells Like Holy Spirit," "How Sweet It Is (To Be Saved By Grace)," and "Sittin' At The End Of The Pew." So dust off that six-string and revisit some of your favorite tunes in a whole new light.

08-07-01 Bill Nye Although the 100th episode (the "Motion" show) may mark the end of the BNSG era, but the show will continue to air on PBS and in syndication for years to come. For Bill Nye, there's plenty more way-cool science on the way. Currently three specials with Bill are in development, so it may not be long before Bill's back at bat with the Science of Sports, thinking big with Bill Nye's Guide to the Brain, or space-ing out with his guide to the "Next Planet" -- Mars.

08-06-01 Almost Hurricane Barry.. Check out even plot the course of Tropical Storm Barry. Hurricane & Storm Tracking for the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans

08-03-01 MusicMatch Jukebox
This is one of the best jukeboxes on the Internet, and it's free. Convert MP3s, burn CDs, and listen to your favorite tunes.

08-02-01 LimeWire
One of the better Gnutella clients to come along. (Gnutella is like Napster but without a central server.) Trade MP3s, movies, recipes, private love letters, or any other files. The latest version, 1.4, seems faster and more stable and includes the ability to resume downloads and see server quality ratings.

08-01-01 Debt to Society

Mother Jones takes a look at the state of our prison system today. The United States currently has over two million inmates behind bars and the highest incarceration rate in the world. Since 1980, tax-money spending on prisons has increased by 189%, while spending on education has increased 32%. Check the Incarceration Index to learn how much your state spends on prisons, how much its incarceration rate has increased, and how many prisoners are drug offenders.


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