Country Radio Seminar day 1

KW Turnbow (Drummer for Chris LeDoux) (34,227 bytes)Deryl Dodd at Exit Inn (12,890 bytes)Listen for his latest CD Pearl Snaps on K95.5 (15,605 bytes)Mid day host Shelby T. at the Deryl Dodd Show (14,271 bytes)More Dodd (14,677 bytes)
K95.5's Will Payne with Troy Gentry and Chris Cagle (22,771 bytes)K95.5's Barry Diamond with Troy Gentry and Chris Cagle (12,833 bytes)The Nashville Blizzard (41,704 bytes)Snow falls on Music city! (12,016 bytes)
Have you ever  seen a limo get sideways? (15,249 bytes)Slick streets! (9,506 bytes)Rambler at the Beer Cellar (14,624 bytes)More Rambler (23,640 bytes)Barry with Thomas (15,497 bytes)
Ain't drinking anyless (14,660 bytes)Tim and Dave from Rambler (15,837 bytes)Barry and Thomas (12,439 bytes)Barry getting ready for the show! (28,149 bytes)World famous Tooties from the hotel room (38,028 bytes)
This is where the Great Divide will play on Thursday night (36,977 bytes)TomKats (37,820 bytes)The Bat Tower (16,646 bytes)VIP Pass for RAMBLER show! (29,941 bytes) Back to the CRS 2002 front page.


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